Spring Clean Your Regimen

As we transition into longer days and rising temperatures everything around us starts to feel more alive. Spring itself represents new beginnings and we tend to want to start with a clean slate. Our skin is right there with us ready to take on the new season. Spring is the bridge between winter and summer and you will find some of the products in your current regimen will overlap through the seasons. Small adjustments can be made that will keep your skin thriving no matter the time of year.

Winter can leave your skin feeling dry and dull and exfoliation is your first step towards spring skin. Shed those winter blues away with a nourishing micro exfoliation. When you mix Grapefruit Polishing Powder with Facial Nectar you create a fine “scrub” that gently sloughs dry skin away leaving your skin super smooth. This creates a fresh canvas for the rest of your products to shine providing THAT GLOW we all know and love.

With the urge to get outside and enjoy the weather don’t forget to have your favorite Sorella SPF on hand so you can enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing your skin. Did you know SPF has a sidekick? Enter Vitamin C. This ingredient is no stranger in the skincare world, but often times we are so used to seeing it that we forget just how important it is. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, antioxidants work to help with free radical damage that largely comes from sun exposure. Essentially, while SPF is working on the outside to limit radiation from the sun, antioxidants are working on the inside to fix any damage to the cells. What a pair! Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum is your vitamin C superhero and we believe it’s a daily essential.

Your skin may still be in between seasons as far as hydration levels. Having a moisturizer on hand that is hydrating, but not too heavy, is key. Blueberry Milk Moisturizer is lightweight with long lasting hydration. This moisturizer is packed with antioxidants and peptides to lighten and brighten the skin.

It’s important to listen to your skin and pay attention to any adjustments that need to be made. If you’re not seeing an esthetician on a regular basis in between seasons is a great opportunity to make an appointment and ensure you and your skin are on track for your skincare journey. Check out our spa locator to find an esthetician near you.