Benefits of Facial Massage

I think we can all agree that one of the best parts of getting a professional facial is the massage. I am sure you know the feeling- your muscles feel like Jell-O, and your skin looks lifted and revived. Facial massage is a misunderstood step in professional skin treatments and is far more than just pampering. It is an intentional process that can benefit breakout-prone skin, fight signs of aging, relieve sinus pressure, and relax TMJ (jaw tightness). Let’s dive into why everyone should be adding this to their monthly facial and how you can encourage results at home!

We typically associate massage with our hands, but we can get incredible results from tools such as Gua-Sha stones and rollers. One of our favorite at-home facial massage routines utilizes our Facial Nectar and Sorella Rose Quartz Stone, which is known for being anti-inflammatory and naturally cooler in temperature. The stone’s flat body allows you to contour and tone the face while draining lymph and increasing circulation. Anyone who experiences sinus pressure or TMJ can benefit from the rose quartz stone’s cooling properties combined with the Facial Nectar’s luxe oils.

Facial massage can benefit acne-prone skin, especially when using Facial Nectar. The anti-bacterial properties from Rosehip Seed Oil combined with jojoba balances sebum production while moisturizing the skin. The friction from massage techniques can also break up scar tissue to increase circulation to oxygenate the skin and promote healing.

If you are focused on aging gracefully, facial massage will lift, tone, and flush out stagnant lymph and puffiness. Most significantly, for people who are on medications that cause puffiness and water retention, massage can help reduce the appearance of those side effects. For those trying to avoid neurotoxins such as Botox, massage can break up the muscle tissue and allow any tension to relax, softening fine lines and wrinkles. Think of it as a workout for your face. Like how a weight training class will fatigue your muscles to repair, manipulating the face muscles will bring fresh circulation, promoting healing to the skin.

Do we have you all jazzed about massaging your face yet? If so, add the Sorella Rose Quartz Stone and the Facial Nectar to your home care routine. You will find that just like many self-care practices, once it becomes a routine, the results are worth it!

Check out our IGTV video demonstrating at-home facial massages.