Tips For Masking At Home

Take self-care Sunday to the next level and add a treatment mask to your routine! Similar to serums, masks are full of results-driven ingredients that target your specific skin concerns. They are often applied after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate and then removed before applying your finishing products, aka serums, eye cream, and moisturizers. At Sorella, we have four different home care masks that can dial up your results between treatments with your Esthetician. Below are a few tips to get the most from your MOTW- (mask of the week). We can make that a trend, right?

But first, cleanse:

If you are new to masking, you might be wondering, “but where in my routine do I apply a mask, and how do I apply it or remove it-” not to worry, we’ve got you. To start, you will want to cleanse your face and spritz your toner to prep the skin for good mask penetration. If you are using our Rosehip Warming Mask, massage the tube to allow the product to emulsify before dispensing a nickel size on your mask brush or fingertips, and apply a thin layer to your face. Feel free to multitask while you mask; apply body lotion, change a load of laundry or relax with a glass of wine! Let your treatment settle into your skin for 10-20 minutes while it does its work!

Slight “stingle” (sting & tingle):

Whether you are using a mask for the first time or fifteenth time, masks can cause some activity on your skin, and you might feel some sensation, warming, or tingling as it does its magic. Do not be alarmed; it is perfectly ok for a mask to bring blood flow to your skin and cause your skin to become slightly flushed. If you choose to exfoliate before applying your mask, you might feel your skin is more sensitized to the active ingredients. Pay attention to how your skin feels, and you will find your perfect masking routine!

Removal & finishing products:

We love removing with a cool, damp towel. Once you get every last drop, balance the skin barrier with a toner before applying your finishing products such as serums and moisturizers. When selecting a serum to apply after a treatment mask, consider how your skin responded. If you noticed some sensitivity hold off on your All Night Elixir or Facial In A Bottle and lean into the Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum and Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum to repair and restore. Be sure to finish strong with a moisturizer, eye care, and perhaps the Avocado Lip Oil Hydrator.

Introducing the Line-up: Sorella Apothecary Masks

Rosehip Warming Mask: This incredibly unique clay mask has bentonite and kaolin clay to detoxify the skin and absorb oils. Combined with zeolite, a negatively charged mineral that will pull impurities out of the skin.

Peach & Honey Mask: Peaches tighten pores and brighten skin while honey plumps, nourishes, and hydrates. Instantly firm with skin-regenerating ingredients that leave you looking ageless.

Rehab Recovery Mask: Shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil will deeply hydrate and revive your skin. Use as a traditional mask or leave on overnight as a sleeping mask for an extra boost of recovery.

Papaya Pumpkin Mask: Papaya and pumpkin work to hydrate and replenish skin, while honey and pineapple extract take skin from dull to glowing.