How To Prep For Travel

The roadmap for the traveling skincare enthusiast:

Travel can be so exciting, whether it plane, train, or automobiles, and the holiday season provides many opportunities to pack your bags and escape. As you daydream about getting out of dodge, travel can challenge your daily self-care practices, from diet and exercise to skincare. With a little preparation, your skincare routine can still be a sacred part of your day no matter where you are! Picture it now, you’re at a family cabin with your in-laws for the weekend… you have the perfect excuse to decompress and ground yourself; after all, you cannot skip your daily skincare routine!

Take Flight:

Here are some tips to ensure your skin is still dewy from flight take-off to touchdown. Airplanes fly at high altitudes and filter recycled air; both dehydrate the body quickly. As tempting as a Starbucks vanilla latte is right before a flight, caffeine can also contribute to dehydration. Pack electrolytes and an empty water bottle for filling. Apply a thin layer of the Rehab Recovery Mask before flying; it will act as an occlusive barrier and slow water-loss from the skin. If you are traveling to a different climate, consider the altitude change and humidity by packing a heavier moisturizer and, of course, SPF to protect your skin while in flight! Once you land, double cleanse, followed by Mint Poppyseed Polish. The peppermint extract will wake up your skin while the poppyseeds slough off dead skin cells. Lactic acid works gently to soften and rehydrate your skin. Finish your jet-setter routine with a generous layer of The Balm to seal in water and protect the skin from the new environment you are in.


If you are hitting the road for the holiday season, there are some other skin tips to consider. We tend to blast the heat in the car during these cold winter months, causing our skin to become dry. Pack a heavier moisturizer for the car and even Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist to spritz and rehydrate. Be sure to wear your Quench & Protect Hydrating SPF 30 on your face and hands! You may want to consider a long sleeve shirt with thumb holes to protect the back of your hands from the sun’s rays, it seems overkill but hey- several hours of driving is a lot of exposure that could be avoided!

Packing Light:

Avoid the tragedy of throwing your full-sized Orange You Jelly Cleanser away after it is flagged at security for being more than 3oz! Full-sized products take more room in your suitcase and are not all carry-on friendly; however, the Sorella Mini’s collection is the perfect solution for your travel needs. The vegan leather bag is TSA approved with a clear front and all products are under 3 ounces. Choose from The Healthy Aging Kit, The Clear Skin Kit, The Maintenance Kit, or The Brightening Kit that are specific to your concerns or perhaps the place you are traveling! Hold off on an exfoliation before you leave, as our Lead Educator Rebecca Olpin says, “we want to keep our barrier intact,” while exposed to the stressors of the airplane and elements. Feel free to exfoliate once you have arrived!