Professional Versus Market Skincare

What’s the difference between a professional skincare line & a line sold at Sephora or the grocery store?

Sorella is a high performance, professional-grade skin care line sold by estheticians-but what exactly does this mean?

Here are a few reasons you should stick to professional products!

1. Professional products are PACKED with concentrated, high-quality ingredients.

Market products are cheaper & may claim to have great ingredients in them, but the fact is that professional products will have a higher concentration & higher quality of the ingredients than the Market product. This ensures that you will get far better results from the professional products. In this case, you do truly get what you pay for.

2. Professional Products are made in smaller batches.

When products are made in smaller batches it ensures that the ingredients are fresh, and fewer preservatives are required. One of the reasons Market products are cheaper is that they are made in large batches and the savings are passed on to the consumer.

3. Market Products often times contain fillers.

Professional products should never contain fillers, dyes or inexpensive oils such as petroleum that can clog the pores and cause irritation.

4. Market products are made for “one size fits all” skin.

Professional products are made to fit very specific needs and skin types. This is why we always recommend seeing your esthetician!

5. Market products are backed with tons of money in advertising, marketing and jargon to get you to purchase.

Professional products are backed by effective ingredients and real results.