How Can I Avoid Wrinkles?

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While wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, (you EARNED those smile lines!) there are things you can do to reduce or minimize their appearance.
Our #1 BIGGEST tip for anti-aging?


Sorella Apothecary Sunscreen
Lecture time: If you are spending $$$ on skincare, rubbing in retinol every night, but going out and tanning your face – YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY, TIME & BEAUTIFUL SKINCARE. And to top it off, you are breaking our hearts!
The sun is beautiful & necessary, but it is your skin’s biggest frenemy. So get your few minutes of Vitamin D on another part of your body and wear sunscreen on your face.!
Tip #2:


Study after study has proven that retinol reduces visible signs of aging. Be careful when choosing yours! Many products boast retinol, but they simply use “retinol esters”. You can be sure that Sorella’s All Night Elixir is packed with a 1% PURE retinol and we balance it with some super hydrating Hyalauronic Acid.

Retinol Pro Tip: Always use Retinol at night. It doesn’t work with sun. That’s why we call ours the “All Night Elixir”!

Retinol Pro Tip #2: Ease yourself into a retinol routine. Start with once or twice a week and if you experience too much peeling or breakouts occur, back off and reduce usage. We promise your skin will adjust and you will soon be able to up your usage.

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Tip #3


Antioxidants reduce free radicals and the harsh damage they cause to the skin. They also help your skin to repair itself and keep its healthy and youthful appearance. This is something that every person, young to mature should have in their skincare arsenal.

Our Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum (or “Pom Acai” as we call it, because MOUTHFUL) has a 20% blend of Vitamins A, C, and E and a boost of vitamin K from tomato. It’s full of concentrated, high-quality ingredients that completely nourish leaving your skin super happy!

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Tip #4


Because if Anti-aging is your mission, then hydration is definitely on your task list. No matter your skin type, your skin needs hydration.

Think about it this way: oily skin ages slower. Why? Because it’s hydrated! But adding some lightweight hydration will not add to the breakouts of oily skin, it will HELP THEM because ensuring proper hydration means your skin will stop overproducing that pore-clogging oil!

We love a good hydrating serum containing hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom extract. (like ours!) Our Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum is lightweight for all skin types but boosts skin’s moisture!

We have moisturizers for all skin types, but our favorite for a big hydration boost is The Balm. It contains amazing anti-aging peptides and beeswax to keep skin dewy and fresh. It is literally luxe in a jar!

Tip #5


Whether you’re 20 or 99, start using an eye cream today! They are specifically formulated for the eye area and are more targeted than your moisturizer.

We’ve packed our eye creams with science including amazing peptides so you get the best bang for your buck!

Eye Cream Pro Tip: Use our Yogurt Kale Eye Concentrate at night for intense anti-aging and to reduce dark circles. (Have you seen this Before & After?) Then use our Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel in the morning to reduce puffiness and also fight anti-aging during the day!

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We hope you learned a thing or two!


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