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Celebrating Summer Skin

Protect your summer skin with SPF

When the seasons and temperatures change, your skincare needs to also evolve! Moving into warmer temperatures, heat and sweat naturally stimulate the skin, causing it to produce more oil and may be the perfect opportunity for breakouts to occur. For those who experience dry skin, you might enjoy some extra oil for a change! With each season, you may need to temporarily add products into your routine, allowing your skin time to adjust to the new climate. That being said, consider incorporating one of our gel-based cleansers – Orange You Jelly Cleanser or Lychee Willow Bark Cleanser break down excess oil without compromising your hydration!

Summer Homecare:

A morning routine is crucial, especially if you notice an increased amount of oil during the day. We recommend Daily Greens Moisturizer; this fan-favorite will neutralize redness and decrease oil production, thanks to active ingredients spirulina and evermat.

Consider wearing less makeup, or none at all, and always remember SPF. At Sorella, we are hard-pressed to say SPF is essential all year! Our Tropical Topical Matte SPF 30 absorbs oil while our Quench and Protect SPF 30 will protect thirstier skin types. Our new Tinted Dew Drops SPF 50 allow the best of both worlds – SPF 50 protection paired with light coverage to let your natural glow shine through.

Summer Skin Tips

For extra protection, use a hat! Summer hats aren’t just stylish; they are essential. Pack your wide-brimmed sun hat and don’t forget your sunnies for the full summer look! As much as we love the look of a good baseball hat, consider the sides of your face are often still exposed.

If you find yourself overexposed to the sun and want to help your skin recover, use an antioxidant serum like Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum at night while your skin is regenerating itself. We always suggest using antioxidants in the morning, but with overexposure to the sun, using at night during the healing process is key.

Stash SPF in your purse so you are prepared on the go. You never know where adventures may lead when outdoors, so you can rest assured you always have sun protection at your fingertips.

For water lovers, keep in mind water reflects the sun. You may feel covered with your sunnies and wide brimmed hat, but don’t forget to reapply your SPF, especially when on the water!

Summer Treatments:

We dream all winter about a summer vacation, but it may include more sun exposure and a high UV index, especially if you go somewhere tropical! Your esthetician may recommend treatments that bring balance to the skin rather than intensive chemical peels or pigment correction. When scheduling appointments, keep your esthetician informed on vacations or regular outings that might involve sun, and be honest about recent exposure! Although a deep exfoliation sounds appealing before a big trip, it can leave your skin vulnerable to unnecessary damage. Planning a professional treatment upon your return will yield great results to help your skin recover and bounce back after travel. Be sure to let your skin heal before a treatment if you were exposed to the sun more than expected.

Are you just starting a home care routine? We have you covered. The Clear Skin Minis Kit focuses on balancing summer skin and preventing breakouts.

Feel overwhelmed on how to transition your skin for summer? Always ask your esthetician for a recommendation. Also, our skincare identity chart can help guide anyone through product recommendations. Whether you’re a minimalist, essentialist or enthusiast – we’ve got you covered.