Establishing Your Skincare Identity

Have you ever watched someone perform their skincare regimen and been intrigued by the number of steps and products they were using?

From television commercials to skincare influencers and social media, it can be easy to lose your skincare identity.

To help guide you to find your skincare identity, we have provided some key points to keep in mind.

First, and most important, EVERYONE’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT AND HAS UNIQUE NEEDS. Every single person is born with a skin type, for example – dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. This is genetic and the core of your skincare identity. Knowing your type will determine what kind of products you use.

For example, if you are dry, the appropriate products will have ingredients to hydrate the skin and if you are oily, products will have ingredients to work to help control oil. We always suggest seeing an esthetician to help you determine your skin type.

Click here to see this simple chart to guide you on your skin type.

Secondly, there are skin concerns, for example – rosacea, premature aging, sensitized, hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and break-out prone or acne. When choosing products for your concern, you will find more specialized ingredients and regimens to get the skin concern under control while complimenting the skin type.

Once you have determined your skin type and any possible concerns you now need to take into consideration YOUR personal preference. What is your budget? How much time each day are you willing to set aside for your regimen? This is where you can put yourself in a few different categories:

Skincare Minimalist – you’re limited on time, you want to keep your regimen as simple as possible, or perhaps budget needs to be considered.

Skincare Essentialist – you’re willing to lend a few extra minutes to your regimen, you have targeted concerns you want to address along with thinking in a preventative mindset (PRO TIP: prevention will always be easier than correction)

Skincare Enthusiast – along with all the same interests as a skincare essentialist you also look forward to your routine and it is important to your everyday well-being. You enjoy using all the essentials and then some.

Here is a general idea of how your skincare regimen will look based on being a minimalist, essentialist, or enthusiast with Sorella products.

As in everything else in life, it is possible to go through a shift in identity. The changing of the season or climate can affect how much oil your skin produces or how dry your skin might feel. Sometimes changing a product or two during the season or when moving to a new climate is necessary. As you age your hormones change and that can start to change your skin genetically which means your skin type can change, which can also change your skin concerns. Maybe you are traveling and to keep packing simple you are a minimalist on the road and a full-blown enthusiast when in the comfort of your own home. If you see an esthetician and receive professional treatments they might recommend adjusting your routine based on the treatments you are receiving.

How you identify in the skincare regimen world is a unique experience for YOU! Celebrate in the comfort and confidence in knowing what brings you pleasure.