A Moment for Mothers


As a mother, mom-to-be, or the main caregiver you have a lot on your plate and often your well-being gets put aside to care for others. As cliché as the saying is “you cannot pour from an empty cup” it rings true time and time again. Sometimes the thought of setting aside large portions of time can be overwhelming and prevents you from taking any time at all. Do not underestimate the power of taking small amounts of time throughout the day to make YOU feel more like yourself. This can be as simple as applying your daily skincare regimen, pulling your hair up in a messy bun, and putting on some fun earrings (even if that means you are in loungewear)

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through hormonal changes that can affect your skin. The increase of progesterone and estrogen can stimulate melanin production leaving you with hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, which are commonly referred to as “pregnancy mask” (aka Melasma). Incorporating Lemon Lightening Serum into your regimen will help to reduce the effects of increased melanin production. Being exposed to the sun and heat (campfires, blow dryers, natural elements) can exasperate melasma so be sure to wear Tropical Topical Matte SPF 30 which contains a special ingredient called Elix-IR that will protect from heat. If you’re already experiencing uneven skin tone Tinted Dew Drops SPF 50 not only protects you from the sun but also provides light coverage to even out the appearance of dark spots.

It’s important to be aware of any products within your regimen that are not suggested during pregnancy. The majority of Sorella’s at-home products are safe for pregnancy with the exception of Grapefruit Polishing Powder due to the ingredient salicylic acid. Be sure to keep your esthetician informed if you are pregnant/nursing as there are many professional treatments that need to be reconsidered during this special time.

If you are finding you have less time to get your essentials in for the day to feel “ready” you may want to consider simplifying your regimen or adjusting when you do it. For example, if you are struggling in the morning keep your regimen as simple as a quick cleanse, moisturizer, and spf and leave yourself a few extra minutes in the evening to focus on targeted products that can cover a range of concerns like our fan favorite, Facial in a Bottle. FIB will even out your skin tone, prevent premature aging and smooth fine lines. This only adds a few seconds to your routine so you have time to get caught up on some much needed sleep.

If you have a mother or someone special in your life that you want to treat to some self-care check our record locator here (link) to see estheticians in your area who can provide A Moment for Mom facial.