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We place confidence in transparency and value honesty throughout our company. We believe in a strong partnership with our professionals and value those relationships greatly. Your success is our success, and we are here for you!

If you are a talented and enthusiastic licensed esthetician or  spa professional, we would love the opportunity to partner
with you! Please fill out the inquiry and forms and we will
follow up with you soon!

Professional skincare that combines the best of both science and nature.

professional skincare - Sorella Apothecary

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Let's talk about the scent! From the wise words of our Director of Education, "just opening the bottle already makes you feel relaxed," because it's true! Our combination of mint and eucalyptus provides that soft aroma to take you into deep relaxation mode. The best mask for your self-care day. 

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Whether it’s the delicious gentle scents from each product, the results-driven determination, or the fantastic estheticians behind each treatment, we know you’ll have a wonderful experience with Sorella Apothecary. A skincare routine with Sorella is the ultimate form of self-care and can be the perfect moment for just you.

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If we had to describe Purifying Powerclay in three words, we'd say reduce, boost, and balance! There's a reason why we're calling this the mask of the season. Here's why!

🌱 REDUCE the appearance of redness and inflammation
🌱 BOOST with antioxidants and improve barrier function
🌱 BALANCE the oil production to help reduce breakouts

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Your Sorella Esti has narrowed down all of Purifying Powerclay’s amazing benefits into just a few things you need to know. What’s even better is that this product is great for all skin types!

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There's nothing like that feeling of peace after visiting a Sorella esthetician. Knowing that you've been put in the hands of someone with the knowledge and skills to help you along your skincare journey but also the care and support to get you across the finish line!

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