Here at Sorella, we believe strongly in the
skincare professional!

We believe that the results of our products are maximized when they are administered by a skincare professional.

Think about this:

1. Products can be confusing and hard to choose from. (Even WITH our awesome quiz)
An esthetician can spend time getting to know your specific skin needs and concerns and recommend the exact line up of Sorella products for all your skin care needs!

2. A professional can see things you can not
They have experience looking at the skin and can view the health of your skin under light and recommend products and facials that will offer vast improvements.

3. They offer treatments that you cannot receive on your own.
Such as our “Exfoliate and Heal Chemical Peel,” or our ahhhhmazing Marine Mermaid Mask

4. A great facial massage will improve the look and feel of the skin while helping products to penetrate deeper.

5. Last but not least-they will help you take some time for yourself and RELAX!

Let’s not forget that your skin is your largest and most exposed organ. Don’t forget to invest in it!

Find a Sorella Spa Professional in your area.