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Watermelon Mint Toner

Our Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist is wonderful for all skin types. It has an astringent effect that will leave pores appearing tighter and the skin will feel revitalized and smooth. Our toners can be used two ways, as a setting spray or as a traditional toner. To use as a toner, spray a few squirts on a cotton round after cleansing the face. Gently sweep over the face and neck. Your skin will feel balanced and refreshed. To use as a setting spray, spritz over the face to set your makeup. This can also be used during the day to give the skin a dewy boost. We also like to use it to rehydrate the skin after a long flight or any activities that dry the complexion. I love to keep it on my desk as a midday refresher. The watermelon acts as a natural astringent, while peppermint increases circulation and gives an energizing boost. We’ve also added our exclusive glow tonic that is packed with soothing, healing, and hydrating ingredients.
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