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Sorella Launches New Showerless Scrub, Body Buff

Sorella Apothecary is excited to announce their newest launch, Body Buff, an innovative showerless exfoliating scrub. The Revive and Thrive Body Treatment is a brand-new protocol that features Body Buff and now backbar sizing of Sorella’s body products, Body Balm and Body Nectar.

The Sorella Apothecary Revive and Thrive Body Treatment includes dry brushing followed by exfoliation with Body Buff. Follow with hydrating Sorella body products, Body Balm and Body Nectar for a glow from head to toe. There are a variety of benefits of receiving a body treatment including:

Improved skin health: Body scrubs exfoliate and shed dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration which leads to smoother and more radiant skin.

Detoxification: Both products and lymphatic drainage in the treatment help with this process as it helps draw out toxins from the skin and improve overall wellness.

Enhanced Circulation: Certain techniques used in body treatments, such as dry brushing can stimulate blood circulation helping oxygen get delivered to tissues.

Stress Relief and Pain Relief: Professional body treatments can include massage techniques and involve heat which can reduce stress levels, soothe muscles and reduce inflammation.

Estheticians can perform the Sorella Apothecary Revive & Thrive Body Protocol from head to toe or make it an add-on to any service. The products are a great addition to any protocol and there is a retail opportunity to accompany the professional treatment. The Sorella Apothecary Body Kit has the dry brush and retail sizing of Sorella body products, Body Balm and Body Nectar.