Have You Heard The News? It’s Peel Season!

As the fall season is upon us, you might start hearing chatter around “peel season,” so what exactly does that mean in the world of skincare? Fall brings shorter days, less sun exposure, and change in the skin, which is the perfect formula for an in-depth skin treatment such as a chemical peel.

What is a professional chemical peel treatment?

It can be a variety of different acids depending on the peel and applied by a professional to achieve an acute wound reaction in the skin. As we age, our skin does not regenerate as efficiently; a chemical peel will encourage cellular turnover, exposing new skin, and promote healing. The Sorella Apothecary Exfoliate and Heal Chemical Peel is a blend of acids that treat various concerns from pigmentation, fine lines, acne and rosacea. We consider chemical peels a classic treatment for healthy aging!

 Will my skin ACTUALLY peel?

Perhaps the most common question about chemical peel treatments is, will my skin peel? There is a possibility peeling will happen as everyone is different, but visible exfoliation is not required to achieve results. Think of peeling as a side effect of the treatment rather than the goal. How your skin tolerates chemical exfoliation depends on several factors, and your esthetician will help guide you on proper pre and post-care for your treatment. Remember, our skin regenerates over thirty to sixty days depending on age, so the results will take time to show on the surface, patience is key!

Why do we refer to chemical peeling as a season? This type of treatment requires diligent care with sun exposure and heat, making it perfect for the fall and winter season. As the summer heat fades away, the damage from the sun does not disappear as quickly. Your esthetician may recommend a series of three or more treatments, depending on your targeted concern and desired results. Are you looking to welcome 2021 with glowing skin? Start now. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is healthy skin! Check out our spa locator to find our Sorella Exfoliate and Heal Chemical Peel nearest you!