Cheers to another year!

Birthdays are so incredibly special. It’s the time when you focus on yourself and celebrate just being alive! Today marks Sorella’s third anniversary! We are so grateful for what we have accomplished in 3 years.

Sorella Apothecary debuted at the NYC Spa Show in 2017. Both co-founders described their first time exhibiting as exciting yet stressful. They both remember having to package some of their products on their own. ” Our first trade show was scary but exhilarating! We were launching a line that we spent YEARS creating. Our team starting was great and we were super blessed (and still are) with the people who have gravitated towards working for Sorella. The day before the show we all worked together in an assembly line to box some of our products to ensure they were available at the show and while we weren’t sure what to expect, we knew deep down that this skincare line we poured our hearts into was going to be successful!” said Co-Founder, Danielle Munley. Emily Sindlinger, Co-Founder agreed, “Prepping for our first tradeshow was so exciting while also stressful! We had worked for 4 years for this moment. Seeing our booth set up for the first time made it real that we were launching our line the next day. Our packaging was delayed so we had to stuff our serums in boxes the night before.”

The first show ended up being a success and the whole team was thrilled with how well Sorella was received. Emily describes the event, “Our booth was in the back corner and seeing how busy our booth was the entire three days made me so happy. We did so many focus groups and trials before we launched and we got rave reviews, but it was still scary putting ourselves and our brand out to the public on such a big scale. To see how excited people were about our brand felt so good. People were coming back the next day to buy more because they loved what they tried in their hotel room the night before.” Danielle remembers the way the iconic Sorella gold bags stood out, “Our products ended up being super popular at the show, and so did our gold bags! People at the show even complained because their gold Sorella bags had been stolen! It was so fun to see people all over carrying a gold Sorella bag and knowing they were going to treat themselves with what is inside. I think we still feel that way when we see Sorella in people’s hands.”

Although this year’s NYC Spa Show was cancelled due to concerns around the Coronavirus, we still went ahead with an exciting new launch; Our Tinted Lip Hydrators in three beautiful shades! The products are extra special to Danielle & Emily because of their names. “Our Tinted Lip Hydrators are extra special since they’re named after our daughters! My daughter, Alouetta has been a big part of my Sorella journey because she travelled with me to many of our tradeshows in her first year of life. Launching a product inspired by her and my beautiful nieces is a pretty unique experience, and the enthusiasm for these new products has been incredible to watch,” said Danielle. We love how Emily describes the products and Sorella, “Launching the lip tints was so special because they were named after our daughters. We’ve always joked that each product we launch is like our baby because of all the love and energy that goes into launching each and every product.”

As a women-founded business, it’s always exciting that Sorella’s anniversary falls near ‘International Women’s Day’. It’s a special day for many reasons, but with so many women as Spa partners and team members, it’s the perfect time for Sorella to celebrate with new launches and extra fun!

Cheers to another year around the sun!