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Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk

Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk by Sorella

Our Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk is a gentle creamy cleanser that works great for dry, sensitive and aging skin types. My favorite thing about the creamy cleanser is that you don’t need to start with water or splash your face first because it spreads so nicely on its own. Massage the cleanser using circular motions and if you’d like, do a lymphatic drainage massage for antiaging benefits. The Creamy Cleanser will add natural oils back into your skin while gently removing impurities. Your skin will be left feeling clean but not dry and strict. This cleanser contains apricot oil, which is often also found in baby products because of its soothing properties. It also has Comfort Root, which is very healing and antiaging, and the vitamin C will really help to brighten up your complexion. My dry skin loves this cleanser.
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