Stop the Glorification of Busy

We posted this quote on our Instagram page a while back and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Emily and I started Sorella Apothecary while planning weddings, growing humans (literally, haha) and now raising busy humans. Needless to say-“busy” has been a BIG describing word in our lives!

Sorella Apothecary


I’d like to add that we have no beef with the word “busy”-just with the importance, we tie to its meaning.

I don’t think this quote aims to demean being busy. I think it’s more about the fact that our culture mirrors “busyness” with worth and importance. And that if is not occupied-then you must be and sad, and lonely, and have no friends-& I hate that.

I hate it because how wonderful is a lazy Sunday morning snuggling your family? Or a weekday evening where you have no plans and can spontaneously take a bubble bath? (with a Sorella Mask on your face-no less!)

Studies have even linked boredom to being beneficial to creative thought!

I’d also like to think that most adventures turn into the best stories when they aren’t planned!

After all, so much about skincare is tied to taking time out for YOU, and although this is still possible when busy-it’s a lot more fun when you’re not!
So if your life really is that crazy, I hope this quote inspires you to pencil in some time for some nothingness and do whatever you feel like!
Or maybe schedule yourself a Sorella facial!
Sorella Apothecary Facial
Tonight I have our Rosehip Warming Mask on the agenda!