Rose Quartz Stones & Their Benefits

Have you tried a Rose Quartz Stone massage?!
It feels amazing AND it’s great for your skin.

Rose Quartz Stones have an amazing ability to reduce inflammation & support the renewal of skin cells, plus they heal & rejuvenate the skin’s surface. By improving the heart and overall circulation, the stones bringing oxygen to skin’s surface to improve tone, luster & glow. The stones natural cold touch calms inflammations and cools the skin’s overall temperature.

The shape of the Sorella Rose Quartz Stones allow for a better contouring massage, pressure point work, and can also be laid over the eyes to cool and calm inflammation.  Whereas roller shaped stones are unable to reach smaller areas of the face, & are unable to use pressure point technique, and cannot be laid over the eye area to calm inflammation.  


We encourage you to use them daily for the best results!  You’ll need a product underneath so the stones don’t drag on the skin.  We recommend our Facial Nectar, Peach & Honey Mask, Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel, or Yogurt Kale Eye Cream.


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