Morning Inspiration

A little inspiration for your morning!

Maybe this type of quote has become a cliche, but it’s still so important!

Sometimes I flinch a little when I tell people I co-founded a skincare line…why?! Because oftentimes the next thing they do is evaluate my skin in their head. (how many spa professionals feel me?!????) …and guess what?! My skin isn’t perfect! I struggled with acne for years! (Part of what inspired me to be a part of Sorella) And I’m a working stay at home mama who is perpetually tired-and although I wouldn’t change it for the world, becoming a mother has definitely aged me! Thank goodness for Sorella…what would my skin look like without it?! ?

But what I’ve come to also realize is that oftentimes my profession makes OTHERS insecure even though I’m not even thinking about their skin’s condition! So let’s remember to build each other up, ladies because we all have stuff going on…Chances are I didn’t sleep the night before.

Someone pass the Sorella Apothecary Aloe Cucumber Eye Gel!