All About Gentlemen’s Skin

Long gone are the days where gentlemen are settling for a “bodywash/facewash/shampoo” all-in-one product. More and more males are looking to level up their skincare game, and guess what? It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be male branded skincare specific. 

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that men can only use products marketed towards men. At Sorella Apothecary we believe skin is skin, which does not mean all skin is the same (in fact, male skin has some defining qualities), however, the approach to choosing appropriate products for each individual skin type is the same. When deciding on a product, we always recommend seeing an esthetician first. They can help ease the overwhelming amount of options and help target your concerns. First, target what concerns you want to address with your skin. What type of skin you have, and adjust to a regimen that fits your needs and lifestyle. The packaging and branding should not be a deciding factor on what products are suitable for a male client, but rather what is on the inside. 

Facials for men have consistently been on the rise with so many amazing tools and techniques to treat specific skin concerns. Prone to razor burn? Does the skin under the facial hair itch or feel irritated? Are you stressed and looking to relax? A facial can help target any and all of these common issues. Customizable exfoliation options and high frequency can help treat razor burn, extractions and professional product suggestions can help maintain results outside of the treatment room, and facial massage will have you leaving refreshed and revitalized. An esthetician will take the following factors into consideration when treating male skin:

– Men maintain facial hair which for some, can require shaving regularly. Shaving is a mild form of exfoliation and can lead to over drying the skin. It’s important to balance the skin with hydrating products. Hydrated skin is less likely to become irritated and inflamed from shaving.

– Due to higher testosterone levels, men’s skin is thicker and tougher in texture than women’s. It also affects the amount of oil produced in the skin. When considering a regimen it can be beneficial to use oil reducing or controlling ingredients (salicylic acid, Evermat™, azelaic acid). For professional treatments, estheticians will focus on extractions to help minimize the appearance of the pores.

Looking to start a regimen that can alleviate a lot of male skin concerns? Our Clear Skin Mini Kit is a great place to start! The kit includes Orange You Jelly Cleanser, Spiced Wine Toner, Facial in a Bottle Serum, and Daily Greens Moisturizer. All of these products can assist with oil production, smoothing skin texture, and soothing inflamed skin.